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Pregnancy Help Center of Stockton offers help and restores hope to you and your family. Facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy? We provide a safe space and offer compassionate, confidential support. Make an appointment or walk in anytime to ask questions, share your feelings and concerns with our client advocates, and connect with the resources you need at this important time in your life.

Free Pregnancy Test

We offer free, self-administered pregnancy tests for you to confirm pregnancy. The confidential medical-grade pregnancy tests are 99% accurate and more sensitive than most home pregnancy tests—you will receive results the same day of your visit.

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Confidential Support and Education

Our client advocates are here to listen to your pregnancy concerns, answer your questions, and provide confidential education and care.

Building Healthy Families

Free weekly classes are available to pregnant moms as part of our Building Healthy Families program. In these one-on-one classes with our client advocates, you’ll learn more about how to have a healthy pregnancy and tips for preparing for parenting.


If you think you may have an STI or STD, our client advocates can provide you with information, answer your questions, and refer you for testing and care.

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Know Your Options

If you are pregnant, your options include parenting, adoption, and abortion. Our client advocates are here to listen to your concerns and talk about your options in a safe, confidential atmosphere.

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Learn about the types of abortions, what happens during an abortion, and the potential risks involved. Our client advocates provide you with evidence-based abortion education so that you have all the facts to make an informed decision.

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Our services are not intended to be a substitute for prenatal care. We encourage you to make an appointment with your primary care doctor. If you don’t have a doctor and would like a referral, give us a call and we can help connect you with a doctor to meet your needs.

Contact the Pregnancy Help Center

We’re here for you. If you have questions or are unsure about what steps to take, get in touch with us at anytime. Fill in your contact details below and one of our client advocates will contact you as soon as possible. Your information remains completely confidential and will never be shared with anyone.